Questions frequently asked by donors.

How does the program work?

You may complete the online donation form or call the donation line to donate your vehicle. When the information is complete, it is forwarded to the tow company. They will call you directly to schedule the pick up. At the time of the pick up, the driver will give you a receipt for taking the vehicle. We ask that you give the driver the keys and your appropriately signed title. 

As a donor, what do I need before I can donate?

Three things are needed.

  1. A clear title, which means a title with your name listed in the owner’s section, without an assignment or transfer to another person. All liens must be released prior to donating the vehicle.
  2. Your car keys.
  3. When you call or fill out our online form, please have the title and current mileage in hand.

Do I pay for towing?

No, there is no charge to you for the towing.

How long will I have to wait before my vehicle is picked up?

Typically, your vehicle will be picked up in 2-4 business days. The towing company will contact you in advance to schedule the pick up.

Will I receive a tax deduction for my donation?

The IRS allows you to claim a tax deduction of:
a) The value of your vehicle up to $500
b) The amount we sell your vehicle if sold for more than $500

Please consult a tax advisor to determine your tax benefit.

For more detailed information please visit the IRS website

What do you do with the vehicles?

The vehicles are taken to an auction and sold to the highest bidder.

Where do the proceeds go?

100% of the net proceeds are distributed to the J.J. Johnson Foundation.

What is the tax benefit amount for me to donate my vehicle?

Please visit the IRS website for more information. Internal Revenue Service. 

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